Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chicago... FX day 2

This is the mask that will eventually be painted and glued to my face... it started out as a clown with gross teeth...

Yes... that is me, aren't Ibeautiful!?!?!?!?

I look a little weird, because my eyes are closed... If you click on the picture you can see everything close up.

Here is me and Lisa... she was the mastermind behind making me look like this "girl" instead of a clown, thank goodness.

All three of us are wearing the same mask, but they were all painted way different!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

FX class... Day 1

This is after the first step... layer on the latex.

This is with all the paint and everything to make me look... well... gross.

This is about step two.

I have leprosy (sp?) in this one... Not a good look.
This is with our instructor, Dave, he was pretty awesome!!

Lisa and I are taking an FX class in Chicago this weekend... actually I am Lisa's "model." In other words, I am learning right along with her for free!!!
We have another day tomorrow, so I will post more tomorrow night!!

Car ride to Chicago!!

Sirena watching the movie...

At one point, we were watching two movies (Underdog, and Girls Just Want to Have Fun) on three screens. As Lisa said... "Gone are the days of the kids fighting in the back seat."

Olivia watching the movie...

Josiah doing something...

If you look really close there is a rubber chicken strapped to the back of his bike.

Monday, August 11, 2008

This was the cheesecake at I got for my birthday at Cheesecake factory... I was trying to hold this one up, and it fell over and made a mess. Oh well.

The book I got from my brother, I love the classic Nancy Drew books, and I am trying to collect them all. I also got the vintage cake stand from my sister!! I had been looking for one for ages, and she found this super cute one!!

I had a pretty fun birthday, and it lasted all weekend. Who doesn't love that!!?!!