Sunday, December 2, 2012

So a long time ago... I was probably 12... although I can't say that with a lot of certainty.  Anyway.  There was a hairstyle that I really wanted, and I finally found a picture of it.  Except it was the girl on the Hanes Her Way Bikini underwear.  So I didn't want to take that into the salon because it was clearly underwear wrapping.  I thought about just cutting her head out, but I thought the smile she had was super obvious that she was enjoying those cotton bikini's.  So I never did get my hair cut exactly like that because I was embarrassed.  Just now I was playing with my hair and thought, it is now exactly what I wanted all those years ago.  I didn't even have to have someone cut it that way, it has just been growing out and did it on its own.  So there you go.