Friday, July 23, 2010


I got a thank you card in the mail today telling me to update my blog more.  Hmmm... 
Right now I am burnt out with work... but on the bright side I am going on vacation on Tuesday.  That makes me happy. 
As I don't want to spend too much time on the computer today I am going to just leave a couple pictures from the last month for your consideration.
My friend has been re-modeling at her house so I have been spending some time there helping out... as you can see... we weren't helping out so much here as playing in the construction stuff.We went to Worlds of Fun with my aunt and her family... it had rained for a good portion of the day so we a a bit wet here.

This was the night my brother came home on leave from iraq.... we may have had a few beers in us at that point.
This was right after my mom saw my brother... I was so awesome that when you have military personell coming home you can go directly to their gate to greet them.
Actually... these pics are all in the opposit order of how they all happened... but thats all for now!