Sunday, July 29, 2012

I have been awake too long.

So I am essentially starting school over again this fall. But I will be done a semester-ish earlier.
I am super excited... But super afraid of failure.
But I can do it.
On another note... Here's a pic of my mom and sister after their 50 mile bike ride. (that's 45 more miles than I will go).

And there a pic of my drive home. Love it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I like this blog to every once in a while dump some of what I am thinking. I don't know I anyone reads this... Sometimes I don't really care. But it is good for me to get stuff out.
At this point in the day I have been up for 23 hours. I worked last night ten went to the dm farmers market with my mom and favorite sister(I have two sisters and a sister in law but still have a clear favorite.).
Where was I? Oh yes. Farmers market... Then shopping in west dm. Lovely day (VERY HOT) but I did find a pair of brown calf height boots with a small heel at dress barn for $13. Beyond exciting.
Love clearance.
Also my friend started a blog. Love her!
Read it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Dawn dish soap

Is there anything that stuff can't do? Seriously.
It gets baby animals clean.
It gets your dishes clean.
It gets your cars clean. (I did have a picture to insert here but I must have deleted it. Picture my brother and two munchkins washing Nick's brand new car.)
My mom said that consumer reports said there was no difference between aldi brand dish soap and dawn dish soap. I beg to differ.
Mostly because it can get baby animals clean.
I would say that their marketing was successful.