Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lazyness. Pure lazyness.

Yes I realize that is has been almost a month since I have last posted.
For shame.
I have so much to update you all on... but alas... I don't want to take the time to right now.
Get over it.
I will give you, dear Bleaders (that's blog readers), a synopsis of what has been going on, and hopefully what I will be able to update you with soon.  Like this weekend.  But it all depends.
I had a birthday.  But not much happened... so I don't really have any pictures.  At all.
I went to the Omaha zoo with my friend... but we both forgot our cameras... so no pictures... except ones that I took with my phone, but I can't figure out how to get them on here... and we are going on Monday for the September birthdays... so get over it.
I went to The Band Perry concert at the fair.  It. Was. Amazing.  I do actually have pictures!!! But they are still on my camera and I haven't taken the time to take them off.
Oh, did I mention that all I have been doing is working?
All I have been doing is working.
I work six days this week... I have done two... four more to go...
Also I decided that September is going to be alcohol free.  Dang it.  Now that I have told it to my Bleaders, I better keep it up.
Since it is going to be alcohol free... It's 0923 and I am finishing a bottle of wine.  Keep in mind that I have been up since yesterday... so yes.  I'm not an alcoholic.  Believe me, if I was, my mom would be all over that nonsense.
Mostly my reasoning for cutting out alcohol is I need to lose 25-50 lbs.  I don't really want to... I really am happy with the way I am.  Buuutttt at my yearly checkup with the doc, he nicely hinted that I wouldn't have so many acid reflux problems if I were to lose weight.  Dang it.
So... I am cutting out ETOH first. For those of you not in the medical field, that's alcohol.
I also have lab orders for the celiacs test... yet again.  They did the blood test last year and it was negative, but my mom is CONVINCED that I have it.  She has it, my sister does, my aunt and my grandma all do as well.  So the good doctor is looking into it, to see if that is culprit of my stomach problems.
But, really.  If the test was negative last year... what are the chances it will be positive this year???
I could do GF if I have to.
So I have written WAY more than I planned to... so there you have it.
Most of the events of august.
Oh, there was one more thing... but I really don't want to go into it right now.
Maybe next month.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear creator of Pinterest,

Thank you so much for the amazing-ness that is Pinterest.
I do want to ask you if you know how much time is being wasted there...  Not that I am admitting to anything.
I just about peed my pants when I found a app for my iPod this morning.  Again... I'm not admitting to spending inordinate amounts of time on there or anything... just saying...
It's pretty cool.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

One is one to many...

One more is never enough...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wedding madness

Yup.  My baby brother got married this weekend.  
I really like Autumn... I think she is quite good for him :)

 The  whole fam... minus Emma who "overslept" for the wedding... but that's a whole other story.

 The parents of the couple stood up for them.... it was all very casual.  
My Grandma is a pastor and she officiated the ceremony.

 At the park for the reception... Their colors were blue, lime green and fuchsia...
The bride let me do some of the decor... That made me happy :)

It was very beautiful.