Friday, December 9, 2011

I had over two weeks off of work.
It made me crazy.  Good thing I am back this week... I have to work a double today... and then nights tomorrow.  It's okay though... I was bored out of my mind.

The other day when I was working evenings... I went to the gift shop on my break to look around shop for christmas presents.
When I went in there was a couple ladies talking about politics, one was the lady that works there, and the other was the lady was visiting someone.  They were both of the older retiree age, late 60's early 70's.
As I was checking out the lady that didn't work there asked me point blank who I was going to vote for.   I kinda grimaced and said I didn't know, I didn't like any of the candidates.  She immediately got a very worried look on her face and said that it is VERY important that I vote because this affects my generation the most.  I agreed with her, but said I just wasn't that impressed with anyone, I just knew that I wanted the current president out of office.  She was very happy that I said that.  "You need to be praying about who to vote for, and pray for getting this guy out of office."  I again agreed with her... and kinda looked away so she would get that I was ready for this conversation to end... And then she goes, "are you a born again Christian?"  I whipped my head around and said yes right away, because I was thinking holy crap... look at the cahones on this old bird!  She nodded her head and said "yes, I could see the light of God sparkling in your eyes."  Then she kept talking about praying and that being a believer was the most important thing... and how the female candidate was a fellow believer.
What a sweet old lady!
But I have been pondering this conversation since then.
How do I be more vocal about my beliefs?  I am constantly afraid of persecution, especially where I work.  How do I be like the old lady, willing to talk to anyone about what I strongly believe in?
I know I don't have the answers right now... I will just have to keep thinking on them!