Sunday, May 31, 2009


So there is a nurse that I rarely work with, but have had the *ahem* pleasure of working with this weekend. I started at the same time as them, but for some reason, know way more than them. By the way, I am not a nurse. So I am slightly annoyed by all the questions that I have been getting all night long. But at the same time I am slightly alarmed at the lack of something this person is bringing to the table. By something I mean I don't really know what is lacking, but "something" is.
I better get back to work.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday morning

I realize that I have been lacking in my posts... but that is simply because any downtime I have I just want to sit and not think. Because apparently blogging takes so much thinking? Anyway. I have been super busy. Last weekend my brother graduated from high school and then three days later left to join the army. We had a ton of family here all weekend that were seeing him off, a lot for most likely the last time.
I took a week off work so I could spend as much time with the fam as possible, and I have had enough now.
Highlights from last weekend...
1.My mom got to be with all her sisters.
2.My brother was so drunk on Friday night that he went inside to throw up and then came out and drank more. Yes he was drinking at my parents house, and they did know that he was drinking beer. They gave him permission to do that. They did not know that he had drank a fifth of Jack Daniels before said beers and was pretty wasted. My mom's take on him drinking was that if he was old enough to fight for our country then he is old enough to drink alcohol. I kinda agree.

3.I got to see my cousins that are super duper cute. My favorite Bailey quote was walking to the park I said "jeeze Bailey, you talk a lot." She replied; "I know, I'm a motor mouth." She is five. Too cute. Justus was just hilarious too, but more the actions rather than words.
I will leave you with some pictures to brighten your day.

Mom and her mom and sisters.
Me and my brotha.
Emma and Bailey
Justus... seriously one of the best pictures ever!
The end.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu

I think all of the hype about the "swine flu" is getting rediculous. I did think that I had it for about ten seconds last week when I was sick, but I quickly came to my senses and realized that it was all allergies.
Anyway. I really like the journalists who are being calm and rational about all of this and saying to to worry, and you can tell that they are in fact not worried. I was listening to A Prairie Home Companion the other day and they had some great jokes about it all. Then when I was still listening to that station they were talking about "swine flu" and were even more blase about it all. I love that. There is no reason to think that we are going to get it, as this is allergy season and there are going to be plenty of people with just allergy colds that are now scared they are going to get this "horrible" flu.
And now because pork shares were down and people refusing to eat said pork, they changed the name, to H1N1. Is it just me or does that sound like a robot? I have since been saying R2D2 flu just to throw people that much more off and/or make them that much more paranoid.
I am okay with that, however I am not ok with people thinking they need to wear masks. They just look silly and they are not really avoiding anything at all.
I suppose that I am done with my rant.
Have a nice day!