Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday morning

I realize that I have been lacking in my posts... but that is simply because any downtime I have I just want to sit and not think. Because apparently blogging takes so much thinking? Anyway. I have been super busy. Last weekend my brother graduated from high school and then three days later left to join the army. We had a ton of family here all weekend that were seeing him off, a lot for most likely the last time.
I took a week off work so I could spend as much time with the fam as possible, and I have had enough now.
Highlights from last weekend...
1.My mom got to be with all her sisters.
2.My brother was so drunk on Friday night that he went inside to throw up and then came out and drank more. Yes he was drinking at my parents house, and they did know that he was drinking beer. They gave him permission to do that. They did not know that he had drank a fifth of Jack Daniels before said beers and was pretty wasted. My mom's take on him drinking was that if he was old enough to fight for our country then he is old enough to drink alcohol. I kinda agree.

3.I got to see my cousins that are super duper cute. My favorite Bailey quote was walking to the park I said "jeeze Bailey, you talk a lot." She replied; "I know, I'm a motor mouth." She is five. Too cute. Justus was just hilarious too, but more the actions rather than words.
I will leave you with some pictures to brighten your day.

Mom and her mom and sisters.
Me and my brotha.
Emma and Bailey
Justus... seriously one of the best pictures ever!
The end.

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