Friday, December 25, 2009


So I have become a Doctor Who fanatic.  Seriously... that show is on the top 5 of my favorite shows.  I watch them over and over and over again. 
I have been awake on and off all morning, partially because I am super excited about Christmas and partially because I am sleeping on a couch. 
I was browsing the Doctor Who website, and this came up.  LOVE IT.  That song is on the top ten of my favorite songs I beleive.
If you don't know what Doctor Who is, then you are lacking... but I will explain.  Doctor Who is an alien called a Time Lord that can travel through time and space with his TARDIS. That is Time And Relative Dimension In Space.  He basically travels the universe saving time and people.  ITS AMAZING.

I will quit my geekyness now, lest I scare everyone to death, but I will leave you with a picture.
Oh, and Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I realize that it has been forever since I have posted anything.  Subjects run through my head every few days that I mean to post on... then forget and nothing comes of it. 
So much has been going on... it has been good and bad... and sometime I will write about it.  To summarize it all though, God is molding and making me. 
I need to take a nap.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nothing against Obama, buutttt...

I am somewhat shocked over this.  Seriously.  Obama has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.  What?!?!?! 
I mean nothing against him or anything... But don't you think Angelina Jolie deserves it more than he does?
Okay, so that might be a bit harsh.  I am just having a hard time understanding why someone who has been president for less than a year, and who is very likely ruining the health care system in America, wait, I will save that for another time.
But he has only been president for a short time, and before that he was senator. 
Obviously the world doesn't think the same way I do.  I guess that is a good thing. 
What a weird morning. 

Saturday, October 3, 2009


I strongly dislike sitting in a chair that someone has just vacated, and the chair is still warm. 
Seriously.  There are few things that gross me out more than butt heat.


If you know me but at all, you know that I have some what of an obsessive personality. I can't start a project unless I know that I have enough time to finish it.

When I was sick two weeks ago I was going crazy because I didn't have anything to do. I solved that problem by finding a tv series to focus on, and started making a blanket.

This blanket is the culmination of said boredom. I am pretty sure that all in all I put in about 10-12 hours into making this.

I am pretty proud because I usually get bored when crocheting blankets, and they end up being lap blankets. Not this time! Here is the finished project. It is about the size of a full size blanket... Toward the end it was getting really heavy, and I decided to be done with it.

I know I said that I would be working on it for a while, but alas, I let my obsessive side take over.

Monday, September 28, 2009


In reply to your comment Kaci- I am watching the original series of Battlestar Gallactica.

Anyway. I'm sorry I didn't take the time to link Kaci's name to her blog, but it is on the main page of my blog.

So Saturday night there was a football game that I could not pass up. It was Iowa State vs. Army. As you know my brother is in the army so it was super fun to go and cheer on West Point. A friend and I went to a special tailgate for the army fans... it was really an outdoor picnic catered by ISU Dining. I'm not gonna lie- I was a little bummed that we didn't have hot dogs and hamburgers.
The people we ended up sitting with were retired col. in the army. One guy was a graduate of West Point of '58 and he was also the Director of Admissions there for a number of years. Like I said, he is retired now.
They had a ceremony that I didn't pay that much attention to... But my ticket stub was drawn in a raffle and I won a army football sweatshirt.
Anita and I left the tailgate shortly before the game started and hiked over to Jack Trice. The tickets we had were farther away than I have ever sat in my entire life at a football game. They had a small group of tickets that you had to pay a ton for right up close, but we weren't willing to pay that much so we got the cheap tickets... Literally three rows from the back. Lovely. At first I wasn't all that excited about sitting that far away, but I could see way more.
We (army) did lose, but it was fun anyway.
I think that this was the most disjointed post ever. My thoughts are kinda all over the place.
I have blisters on the back of both of my heals from having to walk so far and hike all the way up to the top of the stadium.
Speaking of blisters...
My brother is still in basic training... he called my mom the other day and was telling her all about it. He said that they were on a 8 mile hike with their rucksacks and full gear and he had been getting blisters, and they got so bad on that hike that his feet were bleeding through his leather boots. wow. I don't really have any room to complain. He was lagging towards the end of the line and his CO told him that if he didn't get his a** to the front of the line he won't get is 36 hour pass for next weekend. So despite his blisters he ran to the front of the line.
He has a 36 hour leave next weekend like I said, and my dad is flying down to see him for the weekend. I am super bummed out because I can't take any time up to go and see him... but I will get to call him.
That is really all that is going on for me. I have about an hour to go, and I can go home and go to sleep.
Oh, last night I did fix something that has been driving me nuts for ages.
At work we have this board that has all the patient rooms and such on the unit outlined on it. Then in every room we write the patient name by the corresponding bed. At the top we write the patient name if they have to have their blood sugar checked, also called accucheck, any vital signs that are special ordered. So anyway, it is just a dry erase board and it get super messy because all the VS and accucheck were just written with marker on the top and it just looked bad. So last night I took everything off the board and washed it, then found these special stickers and put that on it so it was much cleaner and nice looking.
I know that it doesn't make much sense, but I feel SO much better.
Well... I better go.
Have a great day!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So I have taken

up crocheting again. I decided that I needed a project, and while I am watching Battlestar Galactica, I need something to do with my hands. My goal is to be done with the blanket that I started today by the end of the year. Knowing me... I will be done by the end of the month. I have a weird obessive tendancy when I do projects.


I officially LOVE netflix.
No, seriously.
I have been sick all week and cooped up in the house. So I have been watching instant movies on tv, streamed through my xbox. LOVE IT.
Today I discovered more that I could do with my xbox, and found Battlestar Gallactica.
Officially addicted. Not even joking.
I sat on the couch and watched it for 5 hours.
I am waiting for The Office to come on and all I want to do is watch more Battlestar.
Also, I have antibiotics now, so I should be getting better.


When I was at Fareway today the stand with the gluten free cake mixes had a price on it. $2.99. Awesome!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

2 for 1

I have another momism that I was thinking about today.
When I was in high school I went to my aunt and uncles for a summer to work at a camp. While I was away my mom started ending every conversation with me by saying "Be a blessing not a burden." In the next couple of years it evolved to "Be a blessing not a burden, be kind and compassionate." In the last year her phrase has taken on a whole new twist. Whenever I end a phone convo with her or I leave their house or what have you, she says "Be a blessing not a burden, be kind and compassionate, wipe from the front to the back." Yes, you read that right. It is seriously one of her favorite things to say. I think she is a total nutjob... but you have to admit that it is pretty funny. Considering how she will say it no matter who is around, on the phone, in person, my siblings friends... It doesn't really embarrass me, but my teenage siblings have been known to blush and groan "mooommmmm." She also ends letter to my army brother like that, so I think if his army buddies ever got a hold of those he would never live it down.
My other thing also relates to my mom. Her birthday is this Sunday and I was just going to make her cheesecake because she has celiacs and can't have cake. I was wandering down the aisle at Fareway (the BEST grocery store ever!!) and I saw a display for Betty Crocker gluten free mixes. I thought "YES" this will be WAY easier than making a cheesecake. The stand didn't have a price on it but I thought "eh, who cares... it is my mom after all... I can afford it." I got to the check-out and girl called for a price check. She finished all my items, and yelled down the aisle to see if they got it. They hadn't, so she waited a couple more minutes, then keyed it in for $1.00!!! I was pretty excited because they are not cheap, it takes more to process the mix to make it gluten free.
When I called my mom to tell her about the deal, she seemed rather indifferent. I inherited my "deal gene" from her! When I told my roommate this evening she was much more excited for me.
Have a nice day!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why this week was long...

I ended up having to work a 16 hour shift on tuesday night to wednesday morning. I can't really say much about it... but click here and scroll down to police reports. You can fill in the blanks. I am totally fine, it was just a REALLY long day.

Sunday night...

I have been meaning to write a couple of post for the last few days, but I haven't sat down to really think about them. I'm not actually going to take the time now to-sorry-but I will soon. Promise.
I have a lovely relaxing weekend with my family sitting by the fire drinking wine... Tonight I made strawberry daquiri's and we roasted hot dogs and s'mores.
Love it!
More to come!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I seriously can't wait until LOST comes back on again. This article made me even more excited. Seriously.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I had a weird dream last night that my dad was Batman, and The Shredder(from ninja turtles) was out to get him. Oddly enough there were no ninja turtles in my dream. There was a peace conference at Santa's house that Batman and the Shredder were at. Batman left first because he saw the bat signal and then the Shredder came out to see if he could figure out who I was and consequently figure out who batman was. Did I mention I was hiding in a car outside and there were 7 foot tall snow drifts? We were at Santa's house.
Needless to say I don't think I should eat cold pizza before bed.
This dream is pretty weird when I write it out like this, but its a pretty run of the mill for me. For some reason I have the most bizzare dreams.
I will post pictures from vacation in the next day or so.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I was reading someone elses blog the other day and she was talking about how she hasn't seen that many movies on the list. I went and looked at the list the American Film Institute has deemed the 100 greatest films of all time. One of my co-workers and I were talking about it and we have started a club. The AFI club... or something or another. Anyway. I am running out of time to post the list right now, but I will tomorrow. All I know is that our first movie is Ben-Hur. We are starting at the bottom of the list and working our way to #1. Okeydokey. I am going to to get ready for work.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I know

I know know that it has been FOREVER since I last posted anything. Honestly I have thought about it... but it is usually a rather inopportune moments.
Here is what is going on right now:
-I worked over 100 hours in the last two weeks... and about 60+ of those hours were just this last week. Seriously... I just got off a 12 hour shift. I am worried that there is something seriously wrong with me that I would volunteer to work this much. Oh yes... I have a reason.
-That reason is that I am going on VACATION in a week and a half. Oh I am so excited. I am going to North Carolina to visit my aunt and her family... My cousins I haven't seen in forever. I am also going to get to see some old family friends that have been out of the country for years and have now moved back to the states.
-My birthday is on Wednesday!!! I am super excited... just because I love my birthday. Oh yes... and I will be 21!
-I am going to New York for the whole of February! A friend of mine has sister that needs help for a few weeks while her husband is out of town. So I will be working, but I will also be in New York and I LOVE it there.
-There are two more girls moving into our house sometime today/thisweek. Yes... that brings a total for the house to 5. Its kinda crazy... but I work such odd hours that I am hoping that it won't be that big of a problem... with the shower scheduling.
-Hmmm... I think that is all that has been going on... My brother is still at boot camp... The last letter my parents got was really long, but it was all about the kinds of guns that he gets to use. Hmm. Fancy that. A boy in the army that is loving playing with guns. Hmm.
Well... Allergies have been driving me nuts all night and we ordered pizza that I kinda think was undercooked... so I am not feeling the greatest. I am going to turn on the tv and curl up with my cat... and go to sleep.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Side note...

I was helping Lindsay grade papers and she was having me look up lines of poems that seemed too good to be true... So far we have caught 4 students that just copy and pasted. I was shocked that it was so blatant! Then again, she does work in the ghetto... aka Marshalltown.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


So there is a nurse that I rarely work with, but have had the *ahem* pleasure of working with this weekend. I started at the same time as them, but for some reason, know way more than them. By the way, I am not a nurse. So I am slightly annoyed by all the questions that I have been getting all night long. But at the same time I am slightly alarmed at the lack of something this person is bringing to the table. By something I mean I don't really know what is lacking, but "something" is.
I better get back to work.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday morning

I realize that I have been lacking in my posts... but that is simply because any downtime I have I just want to sit and not think. Because apparently blogging takes so much thinking? Anyway. I have been super busy. Last weekend my brother graduated from high school and then three days later left to join the army. We had a ton of family here all weekend that were seeing him off, a lot for most likely the last time.
I took a week off work so I could spend as much time with the fam as possible, and I have had enough now.
Highlights from last weekend...
1.My mom got to be with all her sisters.
2.My brother was so drunk on Friday night that he went inside to throw up and then came out and drank more. Yes he was drinking at my parents house, and they did know that he was drinking beer. They gave him permission to do that. They did not know that he had drank a fifth of Jack Daniels before said beers and was pretty wasted. My mom's take on him drinking was that if he was old enough to fight for our country then he is old enough to drink alcohol. I kinda agree.

3.I got to see my cousins that are super duper cute. My favorite Bailey quote was walking to the park I said "jeeze Bailey, you talk a lot." She replied; "I know, I'm a motor mouth." She is five. Too cute. Justus was just hilarious too, but more the actions rather than words.
I will leave you with some pictures to brighten your day.

Mom and her mom and sisters.
Me and my brotha.
Emma and Bailey
Justus... seriously one of the best pictures ever!
The end.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu

I think all of the hype about the "swine flu" is getting rediculous. I did think that I had it for about ten seconds last week when I was sick, but I quickly came to my senses and realized that it was all allergies.
Anyway. I really like the journalists who are being calm and rational about all of this and saying to to worry, and you can tell that they are in fact not worried. I was listening to A Prairie Home Companion the other day and they had some great jokes about it all. Then when I was still listening to that station they were talking about "swine flu" and were even more blase about it all. I love that. There is no reason to think that we are going to get it, as this is allergy season and there are going to be plenty of people with just allergy colds that are now scared they are going to get this "horrible" flu.
And now because pork shares were down and people refusing to eat said pork, they changed the name, to H1N1. Is it just me or does that sound like a robot? I have since been saying R2D2 flu just to throw people that much more off and/or make them that much more paranoid.
I am okay with that, however I am not ok with people thinking they need to wear masks. They just look silly and they are not really avoiding anything at all.
I suppose that I am done with my rant.
Have a nice day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Momism

I have remembered another momism that my mom uses frequently.
"This too shall pass." Granted I am pretty sure that she didn't coin this one herself, she is the only person that I have ever heard say this, with possibly one exception. That one exception is very vague in my memory, and could quite possibly be a dream.
This too shall pass.
Like my attention to finishing this blog. I think you get my point.

yet again

I had to take another sick day today. I remember one time that my allergies were this bad and that was over five years ago. Blah.
Thats all.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


My mom gives out great advice. This phrase is one that I heard many many times growing up.
"When in doubt, don't."
This phrase has served me well all my life. I use it a lot when I am shopping... that shirt just doesn't seem as cute when you apply it.
Anyway. My mom said it to someone and it was a great way to keep her from being to impulsive. Like marriage impulsive. It really wasn't meant to be.
Thats all!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I have been scheduled so much at work lately that I woke up with a migraine. I called in sick. My mom works on the same unit that I do and she was the one that answered when I called. She said that I would be fine, and I said no. This is what they get for scheduling me so much!
Anyway. I don't have to work now until sunday night so I will just lay lowish until then.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I have a thing where I feel an urge to always have supplies on hand. It doesn't matter what it is... just to have it on hand is enough. I have at least 6 months of toothpaste and toothbrushes in the closet. The same with other toiletries. I am pretty sure that I have at least three bags of peanut m&m's in my cupboard... for when I am going to make cookies. I have no plans for that... but I also have at least three bags of chocolate chips. For the same reason. Cat food... kitty litter... notebooks... paper... pens and pencils... note cards... Seriously. The list goes on.
This morning I was putting my easter candy in my backpack. I have a zip lock bag with chocolate in it for when I am working and having a hard time staying awake. My mom laughed at me and said I was a horder just like my dad. I have been thinking about that comment all day, and then it dawned on my why I have a compulsive need to always have things on hand. Did I mention that I buy it when it is on sale? My dads parents are from the depression era. My grandma saved everything and always has what she needs on hand.
Its totally a genetic thing and not at all my fault. At least that is what I am going to keep telling myself.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I realize that I have been slacking off a bit when it comes to the old blog. Mostly its because I am lazy and when I blog I like to pay complete attention to what I am writing. For example, just now between complete and attention I got distracted by the tv... I am watching The Office right now and well... really tv just distracts me.

In other news...

Last night I went to Hubbard to hang out with my friend from work. I wasn't planning on coming home that night because we were going to watch movies and have a girls night. I did fall asleep during the second movie. I know, I'm so awesome, I can't even stay awake for two movies. Anyway. This morning when I got up I glanced at the window and thought, hmmm... Sarah's windows get really fogged up in the morning. Then I looked again, and I could hardly see across the street for the amount of snow blowing. Thats right... SNOW! I waited another hour and a half or so to see if it would let up. It didn't. Should I mention that I was wearing jeans and a cardigan and flip-flops last night? Yeah. All I took with me was a tooth brush and sweat pants. I convinced Sarah's daughter Megan to clean my car off for me because she had both boots and a coat at her disposal. I then ran like mad to my car and jumped in. I remembered that I had put my winter mittens in my glove box. I am so glad for that invention! I put my mittens on my feet and blasted the heat. There is an obscure highway that I had to take to get to the interstate. It is about a fifteen minute trip normally, twenty miles or so. That trip took 45 minutes... on an un-plowed road. Thats not actually that bad. Then I was about to try to get on the interstate and it was deeper and mushier, and there were like three cars ahead of me that were off the road, so I 86ed that idea and went to the Kum&Go that was right there. I braved the snow again in my shlops and ran into the store to get some info. The guy in there said that the interstate was really bad, and there was a trooper in the ditch and he didn't reccomend taking that road. So I asked if taking highway 69 would be a bad idea because that also went south right through Ames. He said that it would be a really bad idea because they don't keep it up during the winter at all. So here I was basically stranded in the middle of nowhere Iowa in a blizzard. I called my roommate to see what it was like in Ames, and she said it was just fine... it was just starting to snow. I ended up loitering at the gas station for about an hour or more trying to decide what to do. I finally called my roommate and had her look up road conditions for highway 69 because they had closed the interstate at this point. She said the website said that the 69 was bad but passible. I called my dad and told him where I was at and what road I was taking so if I ended up in the ditch he better be prepared to come and get me out. I got gas and left the gas station.
The second leg of my journey was not at all as bad as the first. 69 was much better than the other highway- one lane was plowed and the lane I was in had had cars drive on it so I was driving on pavement at least. I made it from Jewell to Ames in about another 40 minutes.
I called my dad and told him I made it home safe. Then I went home and put on dry clothes, slippers, and made hot chocolate.
What a fun weekend.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Lack of communication makes me very angry! I don't know why, but some things just make me want to scream. You know that rush when you figure out that you haven't been told everything and it just makes you so mad. ARGH! I think I got that all out now. I am not going to go into details, but venting somewhat has made me feel somewhat better. Thanks. I have some great pictures from last night, and then also remember "beam me up." I will post more later.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well, its happened. I have become a cat owner. And like all cat owners before me, I have taken many pictures, and she is sleeping in a bunch of them, so I won't bore you with those. Too much.

Her name is Percy, she is five months old, and incredibly cute. I have to be honest, she is also a little dumb. She climbed on the window sill that was clearly not wide enough for her, and I had to rescue her. I can't wait to see what other things she can fall off of.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Other cars

I always watch the people in the cars around me. So it would make sense if the people around me were watching as well. And then there are the people that seem to be rather oblivious to the world around them. I was sitting at a stop light today and looked in my rear veiw mirror. The guy (middle age) looked like he was scratching his ear. The longer I watched him, I realized that he was scratching his ear with a pen of some sort. He then pulled it out and inspected what he had scraped out. Gross. He then put is hands on the steering wheel and prepared to go. (It was a long red light.) I would not want to shake his hand. I understand the discreet scratching of the ear in the car, or booger pick... but there had better not be; 1-no cars around me or 2-darkness, with no cars directly beside me.
I am not going to put a show for the people around me... But I am going to continue to watch. : )

Thursday, February 26, 2009

5 DAYS!!!

I have 5 nights off in a row! I am so excited! I get to sleep when normal people sleep and sleep and sleep some more. I might clean the house and do laundry and get groceries, but mostly lay around and sleep. Did I mention sleep?

Friday, February 20, 2009

A week like no other

Life is crazy. That is all I have to say really, but I will elaborate and tell all about my week.
It kinda started Sunday when I was at Stephens auditorium for a dance competition. I got a call from work asking me if I would be on standby that afternoon, even though they knew that I was working that night. I got the message from them and my thoughts started racing. I thought that I wasn't supposed to work until Monday night. So I called around and tried to figure out what was going on. It turned out that I was supposed to work, so that meant that I wasn't going to get a bunch of things done that I had planned for Monday.
Monday night I fell asleep after I watched House, and turned my alarm clock off in my sleep and sat up at 10:56pm. That was a bummer, I was twenty minutes late to work.
The next morning I went to my moms house to tell her something and she said something about my sister was home sick, she wasn't feeling all that well. Back up to Saturday, she had been having some stomach pain, but my mom told her she needed to wait it out. So Tuesday morning she was home sick from school, and I said, oh I can take her to the doctor for you because she had classes all day in Boone. I got her into the doctor at 11:30. I slept from about 9-11:15. The doctor wasn't sure what it was and ordered a blood and urine sample. Both of those were inconclusive. So he ordered a ct scan. That wasn't until 2pm. I wasn't able to sleep while we were waiting to go to radiology. Then after the scan we were told to go home, it would be about an hour or so. Two hours later the doctor called and said that they were 90% sure that it was appendicitis. He told us to go over to the hospital and get checked into pediatrics and the surgeon will meet us there and get her prepped for surgery. We got to the hospital at about 4:30 and she didn't go down to surgery until about 7:30. The waiting is really a killer. Keep in mind that I didn't haven't been able to sleep since about 11:15. It wasn't for a lack of trying... I was just to worried about my sister to sleep. I also didn't want to leave my mom alone at the hospital to deal with everything on her own. I am sure that she could have, but I didn't feel right. Esther finally got out of surgery about 30 minutes later and we went up to her room to wait for her. An hour and a half later she finally came up out of recovery. That was 9:45 and I had to work at 11. I ran home and showered and then went back to the hospital for my shift. By 7:30 wednesday morning I had had two hours of sleep in the last two days. I went down to peds and checked on my mom and sister and both were doing well. I went home and fell asleep VERY quickly and got up at 10pm that night. And went to work. It is starting to feel like all I do is sleep and and then live at the hospital. When I got to work that night I wasn't sure if Esther was still there so I ran down to peds and asked. The nurses gave me a weird look and said she left at 7 that night. On thursday I went to my moms house to sleep because she was going to be at school and then her clinicals all day and Esther needed someone with her. I didn't get much sleep there because people are always coming and going and making too much noise. I did manage to get groceries that afternoon after my brother came home from school, and did three loads of laundry. I went to a book party that evening and then got ready for work. That was last night.
This morning when I got home I passed out. It was wonderful. I got up at four and went to see Bolt with my friend and her kids. That is a REALLY good kid movie.
Anyway. Now I am laying bed watching No Reservations with my roommates. I almost feel human again!
I am going to curl up now and watch the rest of the movie and then sleep some more! Ah bliss.
I have pics from the hospital that I will post later.

Friday, February 13, 2009


At work we are all space agey and the like. It is quite fun.

The thermometer that we use is VERY fun. You run it across the forhead and behind the ear and as you run it is making a beeping noise. Several people have jumped back and wanted to know what it was. It really does look like something out of Star Trek. I love it.

I thought people should know how much I love my job.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dangerous Driveway

On Saturday night I was rushing out of the house to make it to a movie (Yes Man- VERY good). I made it past the sidewalk and was almost to the street and all of the sudden I was knee down in the curb of cold water. I have a REALLY cool bruise and scrape... but I don't think that you can upload pics from your phone... unless there is some link that I am missing.
I have to go to bed... Lots of things to do, and little time to sleep!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

239 Movies

239 movies on this list. put an x by the ones you've seen.
Apparently if youve seen into the 175s-200s you have no life.
()Rocky Horror Picture Show
(X) Grease
(X) Pirates of the Caribbean
(X) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest
() Boondock Saints
() Fight Club
() Starsky and Hutch
(X) Neverending Story
() Blazing Saddles
(X) Airplane

Total: 5

(X) The Princess Bride
(X) AnchorMan
(X) Napoleon Dynamite
(X) Labyrinth
() Saw
() Saw II
() White Noise
() White Oleander
(X) Anger Management
(X) 50 First Dates
(X) The Princess Diaries
(X) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement

Total so far: 13

() Scream
() Scream 2
() Scream 3
() Scary Movie
() Scary Movie 2
() Scary Movie 3
() Scary Movie 4
(X) American Pie
(X) American Pie 2
(X) American Wedding
() American Pie Band Camp

Total so far: 16

(x) Harry Potter 1
(x) Harry Potter 2
(x) Harry Potter 3
(x) Harry Potter 4
() Resident Evil 1
() Resident Evil 2
(X) The Wedding Singer
(x) Little Black Book
(X) The Village
(X) Lilo & Stitch

Total so far: 24

(X) Finding Nemo
(X) Finding Neverland
(X) Signs
(X) The Grinch
() Texas Chainsaw Massacre
() Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
(X) White Chicks
() Butterfly Effect
(X) 13 Going on 30
(X) I, Robot
(X) Robots

Total so far: 30

(X) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
() Universal Soldier
(x ) Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events
(X) Along Came Polly
() Deep Impact
() KingPin
(X) Never Been Kissed
(X) Meet The Parents
(X) Meet the Fockers
() Eight Crazy Nights
(X) Joe Dirt

Total so far: 37

(X) A Cinderella Story
(x) The Terminal
(x) The Lizzie McGuire Movie
(x) Passport to Paris
(X) Dumb & Dumber
() Dumber & Dumberer
() Final Destination
() Final Destination 2
() Final Destination 3
(X) Halloween
(X) The Ring
() The Ring 2
(X ) Surviving X-MAS
(X) Flubber

Total so far: 46

(X) Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
() Practical Magic
()Ghost Ship
() From Hell
() Hellboy
() Secret Window
( X) I Am Sam
(X) The Whole Nine Yards
( ) The Whole Ten Yards

Total so far: 49

(X) The Day After Tomorrow
() Child's Play
(X) Seed of Chucky
() Bride of Chucky
(X) Ten Things I Hate About You
(X) Just Married
() Gothika
() Nightmare on Elm Street
() Sixteen Candles
(X) Remember the Titans
() Coach Carter
() The Grudge
(X) The Grudge 2
(X) The Mask
(X) Son Of The Mask

Total so far: 57

() Bad Boys
() Bad Boys 2
() Joy Ride
( ) Lucky Number Sleven
(x) Ocean's Eleven
( X) Ocean's Twelve
(X) Bourne Identity
(X) Bourne Supremecy
( ) Lone Star
() Bedazzled
() Predator I
() Predator II
() The Fog
(X) Ice Age
(X) Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
(x) Curious George

Total so far: 64

(X) Independence Day
() Cujo
( ) A Bronx Tale
() Darkness Falls
() Christine
(X) ET
() Children of the Corn
(X) My Bosses Daughter
(x) Maid in Manhattan
(X) War of the Worlds
(X) Rush Hour
(X) Rush Hour 2

Total so far:71

( ) Best Bet
(X) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
(X) She's All That
( ) Calendar Girls
() Sideways
() Mars Attacks
() Event Horizon
() Ever After
(x) Wizard of Oz
(X) Forrest Gump
() Big Trouble in Little China
(X) The Terminator
( X) The Terminator 2
( X) The Terminator 3

Total so far: 78

(X) X-Men
(X) X2
( X) X-3
(X) Spider-Man
(X) Spider-Man 2
(X) Sky High
() Jeepers Creepers
(X) Jeepers Creepers 2
() Catch Me If You Can
(X) The Little Mermaid
(X) Freaky Friday
() Reign of Fire
() The Skulls
(X) Cruel Intentions
() Cruel Intentions 2
(X) The Hot Chick
(X) Shrek
(X) Shrek 2

Total so far: 91

() Swimfan
(X) Miracle on 34th street
(X) Old School
(x) The Notebook
( ) K-Pax
( ) Krippendorf's Tribe
(X) A Walk to Remember
() Ice Castles
() Boogeyman
(X) The 40-year-old-virgin

Total so far: 96

( X) Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring
(X) Lord of the Rings The Two Towers
(X) Lord of the Rings Return Of the King
(x ) Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
( x) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
(X) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Total so far: 102

() Baseketball
() Hostel
( ) Waiting for Guffman
() House of 1000 Corpses
() Devils Rejects
(X) Elf
() Highlander
() Mothman Prophecies
() American History X
() Three

Total so Far: 103

() The Jacket
() Kung Fu Hustle
() Shaolin Soccer
() Night Watch
(X) Monsters Inc.
(X) Titanic
( X) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
() Shaun Of the Dead
() Willard

Total so far: 106

() High Tension
() Club Dread
() Hulk
() Dawn Of the Dead
(X) Hook
(X) Chronicle Of Narnia The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
() 28 days later
() Orgazmo
() Phantasm

Total so far: 108

() Kill Bill vol 1
() Kill Bill vol 2
() Mortal Combat
() Wolf Creek
() Kingdom of Heaven
() the Hills Have Eyes
() I Spit on Your Grave aka the Day of the Woman
( ) The Last House on the Left
() Re-Animator
( ) Army of Darkness

Total so far: 108

( X) Star Wars Ep. I The Phantom Menace
( X) Star Wars Ep. II Attack of the Clones
( ) Star Wars Ep. III Revenge of the Sith
( X) Star Wars Ep. IV A New Hope
( x) Star Wars Ep. V The Empire Strikes Back
(x ) Star Wars Ep. VI Return of the Jedi
( ) Ewoks Caravan Of Courage
(X) Ewoks The Battle For Endor

Total so far: 114

() The Matrix
() The Matrix Reloaded
() The Matrix Revolutions
( ) Animatrix
() Evil Dead
() Evil Dead 2
() Team America: World Police
() Red Dragon
(X) Silence of the Lambs
(X) Hannibal

Now Add them up and......


Boy... that was long... anyway. I was really just bored while I was watching Back To the Future 3

Thursday, February 5, 2009

All better.

I took some nyquil last night and fell asleep at 8:00.
I then woke up 10:00 this morning.
I might just nap all day today... but I feel ages better.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I have some sort of bug, and I hate it.
I threw up at work last night at had to leave. I also called in sick tonight. I feel like such a slacker, but I can hardly move. Anyway. I just wanted to rant about the sickness that is plaguing me for a day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My new favorite store!

I used to work at Duckworth Wearing on mainstreet here in the greatest town on earth. Recently (yesterday) they opened a new branch of it called The Loft. It is a fun little consignment shop for teenagers and young adults. I bought a couple of shirts and am looking forward to consigning some of my stuff there in the future. That would be way easier than garage sales or eBay. I was just super excited.
After that I went to my friends house and practially forced her to go out without her kids. Mostly I just wanted to play with Luke and Gabe and hold Ike, but I also wanted her to get out without them. Then I found out when she got home that her birthday is on Wednesday, so it all worked out perfectly!
I went home after that to take a nap before I had to work at 11... I set my alarm clock for 7 so I could watch House, but I turned it off because I decided that I wanted to sleep more. Then at 11:43 I sat straight up and started running around because I was LATE for work. Thats the 2nd time I have done that- but this time my alarm just didn't go off.
Anyway, I think that the reason also for sleeping was I have a coldl that I am trying fight off.
I think I am done ranting for now.

Someone has some good news!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

9.67 Dozen

9.67 dozen. Or 120. Thats how many cookies I made today. I am pretty much cookied out. I made 8 dozen for the construction workers at church, and then with the left overs my roommates ate some. I also made a bag of them to take with me to work tonight because the nurses are nicer if you feed them. Seriously. Now I am going to curl up in my bed for a couple of hours before I have to go to work.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Could've Been

I have been in a weird mood, and filling out random things seem to go along with it. I am not going to tag anyone because I don't want them to feel obligated, but feel free to copy and paste!
Some of these were pretty funny.

1. Put your iPod or iTunes library, or MP3 player etc... on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends who might enjoy doing this as well as the person you got this from.

I want to know what love is

Being in Love

Le Ballet D'Or

One Vision

God With Us

Bless Me Indeed

Full Moon

Your Grace is Enough

My Favorite Things

What the World Needs

Last Regret

(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight

(Another Song) All over again


If We are the Body



Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Hound Dog



What I Want


Wherever We Go

Up Periscope


Life, Love & Other Mysteries

Come Back to Bed

Carol Ann

Could've Been

Saturday, January 17, 2009

16 Random things about me

1.I love the dentist. Seriously.
2.I can't get dressed unless my bed is made. I don't want to throw my clean clothing that I am going to wear for the day on the unmade bed.
3.I have watched every episode of Friends ever made.
4.I can read really fast.
5.I love my down comforter- it makes a crinkly sound when I am sleeping under it.
6.I love city noises- trains, sirens, that sort of thing.
7.One time I had $5 that I lost and I think my brothers gerbil ate it.
8.I read People magazine every week.
9.I have been to Mexico without a passport.
10.I once killed a chipmunk with my bike.
11.I love scrabble. A lot.
12.I still play with my dollhouse.
13.I have cousins that are two months older than me but I graduated a year ahead of them.
14.There is a tattoo that I want on my back but I am afraid of needles.
15.I have at least ten purses.
16.I love the cold weather and snow and everything.

I tag LisaGrace, Mandy... you have to say 16 random things about yourselves.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I NEVER say that. In fact, I abhor that "phrase."
This deserves it.
I ran into Target this morning after work to pick up a baby gift. I noticed that all of the clearance racks had something white on their signs. When I read it it said that there was an extra 30% off the already clearanced price. Seriously. Most everything was already 50-75% off, so I spent $32.29 on the following:
Black pajama pants- My favorite fabric, and its usually pretty expensive.
Fleece pajama pants- Superman print-- just for fun
Grey dress shirt- for just that-- dressing up
Grey short robe- I have been looking for a hooded robe, and I found one for less than $7
4 pairs of socks.
And the baby gift. I was/am so excited!
But no more target for me... I have blown my target budget.
Totally worth it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I had a plan for sleeping and working this week. It kinda flew out the window when I woke up today at 1:30 after being asleep since 9:30. Dang it.
Oh well... I am just laying in bed all afternoon and evening so maybe it will all balance out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 Hours

I amazed myself today. Seriously. I slept 10 hours!! I fell asleep at like 9am then woke up at 7pm. I don't think I even got up to go to the bathroom. I was way tireder that I thought. Then I usually spend some time with my roommates but the dining room was too bright so I went back to my room and watched a disk of 30rock with the lights off.
And had a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
That was my day, and now I am at work. Also... my jaw is still really tender, so I just don't touch that side of my face.
Have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Half Price Books

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to Half Price Books the other day. Super fun!
They price the books at half of the manufacturers price so a paperback is like five dollars. They also had quite a nice selection, which I was rather suprised. I had envisioned a warehouse with piles of old books all around but I was wrong.
Worth checking it out!


In my effort to spend my money purposefully this year, I went to an adult consignment shop. I don't usually like going to those because they are can be pretty skanky, but I thought it would be good to know where one is and if it is worth going to. It totally was.
Yesterday my mom and I went down to Des Moines to run some errands, she needed to buy text books and go to the Des Moines Sams Club, and I needed to go to the uniform shop to get some more scrubs. I decided when you work full time, it is really needed to more than one pair of pants that are for work. I was doing laundry WAY too much.
We also went to Half Price books which was right next door to the uniform shop.
The consignment shop was called ReStyle, and it was in a cute business park that has some sort of castle reference in the name. If you look on google maps is is 1.8 miles from Merle Hay Mall to give you a reference point.
Everything there was clean, well organised and very neat. I used to work at Duckworth Wearing on mainstreet here in Ames, so I am pretty particular about neatness and the like.
I bought a cute sweatshirt from Gap, an undershirt that was C9 from target, but they are not cheap there, and a green leather purse. All together I spent $11!! I was super excited about my new find!
My friend Lisa had gone there the other day and told me she liked it, and she wasn't wrong.
They don't have a website but HERE is the like for the address and phone number.
Another good consignment shop is Plato's Closet by Jordan Creek.
Happy bargain hunting!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I may be the only person that thinks this, but I love going to the dentist. I am a teeth person so it makes me happy to go and they super clean your teeth, and tell you that you are brushing well. I was told that have to floss for about the thousandth time at my last checkup, and in the month since then I have flossed about three times. But I am trying.


I had to go back today to have a cavity fixed. I don't care... because it is sitting in a chair for a while and they are making your smile that much better.

They prepped my mouth with some cherry tasting stuff and I thought, great, start the drilling! The my dentist said; "ok, I want you to wiggle your toes and breath through your nose." I thought thats weird, and then she put a HUGE needle into my mouth and gave me a bunch of shots. I didn't even care. Progress on the needle front.

That was the coolest feeling having almost exactly half of your face numbed.

Thats really all I wanted to say, and I really like my dentist.

Have a nice day!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


My new favorite website for editing picture is Picnik. It is so much fun to play with your pictures and make them fancy or whatever.

Christmas 2008

These were the presents on the Sunday morning before Christmas. My family did not want to wait until Christmas to open presents, so we had our gift exchange the sunday before. They were all going to Texas Christmas night so they wanted to get gifts out of the way before then.

It was rather sad that my mom didn't even put up a tree.

These were some p.j.'s that Esther got, I was rather jealous, I wanted some just like that!

I spent Christmas Eve and Day at my grandmas with my cousins and brother, and aunt and uncle. We played twister... Bailey had to have help stretching.

One of Justus' presents... it was pretty cool, we played with it later.
Aunt Teresa and me.

The night my roommates broke my bed.

'Twas before Christmas, not sure of how many nights, the roommates and I were being quite nice. We had presents for each other before we all went away.

We were goofing around, taking pictures for fun, when all of the sudden, we heard a gun.

Just kidding I just needed to rhyme. Now to get this finished in time.

With a crash and a snap, the bed went tumbling down. Everyone had to get away so that Kaci would stay. We took a picture and laughed all around, but I was a bit sad for my bed breaking down.

This is what happens when you put four people on an antique bed, it just does not hold up the it would if it were a sled.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone! I rang in the new year at work, and even that I almost forgot to note when the years changed over. Excitingly enough, we had to log out at 12:00am and log back in a minute later to get a higher shift differential. That is what second and third shift as an incentive I guess for working those. Its an extra three dollars an hour so I don't complain. I did also get time and a half too because it was a holiday.
Did anyone have a resolution this year?
I did actually. I usually don't, simply because I don't care that much. This year though my friend called me and said that she didn't want to buy anything new this year. She was going to do the whole consignment thing, and eBay and garage sales. I was super excited for her, and then thought, well, why don't I do that too? So she and I are going to be spending purposefully this year. We will do our best to buy second hand because that is always at least half the price. If we have to buy something new it will be something that we REALLY need, and not just a want.
I am super excited to get started! We both went shopping the other day and kind of got splurge shopping out of our system.
I know I am behind on posting pictures, but I will get to those tomorrow!