Sunday, August 2, 2009

I know

I know know that it has been FOREVER since I last posted anything. Honestly I have thought about it... but it is usually a rather inopportune moments.
Here is what is going on right now:
-I worked over 100 hours in the last two weeks... and about 60+ of those hours were just this last week. Seriously... I just got off a 12 hour shift. I am worried that there is something seriously wrong with me that I would volunteer to work this much. Oh yes... I have a reason.
-That reason is that I am going on VACATION in a week and a half. Oh I am so excited. I am going to North Carolina to visit my aunt and her family... My cousins I haven't seen in forever. I am also going to get to see some old family friends that have been out of the country for years and have now moved back to the states.
-My birthday is on Wednesday!!! I am super excited... just because I love my birthday. Oh yes... and I will be 21!
-I am going to New York for the whole of February! A friend of mine has sister that needs help for a few weeks while her husband is out of town. So I will be working, but I will also be in New York and I LOVE it there.
-There are two more girls moving into our house sometime today/thisweek. Yes... that brings a total for the house to 5. Its kinda crazy... but I work such odd hours that I am hoping that it won't be that big of a problem... with the shower scheduling.
-Hmmm... I think that is all that has been going on... My brother is still at boot camp... The last letter my parents got was really long, but it was all about the kinds of guns that he gets to use. Hmm. Fancy that. A boy in the army that is loving playing with guns. Hmm.
Well... Allergies have been driving me nuts all night and we ordered pizza that I kinda think was undercooked... so I am not feeling the greatest. I am going to turn on the tv and curl up with my cat... and go to sleep.

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