Monday, April 21, 2008

Adventures.... Or Misadventures????

Yesterday my roommate brought to my attention that whenever she goes somewhere with me, something happens out of the ordinary.

Take yesterday afternoon for example. It was a lovely April Sunday afternoon, so I asked my roommate from Colorado if she wanted to go with me to the Ledges. The ledges is a wonderful state park that has a stream running through it and you can walk or drive through it, and also the option to hike up the hills on both sides of it. It sits right on the Des Moines river, so the stream runs down into it.

Before we left I told Jen, my roommate, that she might want to wear my Teva sandals. When I said that, I really meant that she should wear them. She replied to me that no, she will wear her tennis shoes. I just thought, whatever, I am wearing my crocs because my feet are going to get wet. I really should have told her that. We got there and parked at the top, and walked down the road. We didn't drive down the road because it was closed to cars. We got to the first water crossing, and were able to walk on the stepping stones without any problems. I did just walk through the water though because it was more fun that way. We crossed a couple more times before Jen had to take off her shoes, because the stones were out.

Towards the end, there is a gate so you can't drive through, and it was closed. I just walked around it, but Jen decided to limbo under it, and as she was standing back up, she overcompesated her vertical balance and kept going forward and landed on her hands. I was not a very nice person because I immediatly started laughing at her because it truly was one of the funniest things I had ever seen!!!

These are what her hands looked like after landing on them!!!

This is my not in tennis shoes!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do I look like I am 65?

I am very confused. I have been put on some mailing list that I get geriatric mail... and I don't know why. Yesterday I got the AARP forms to become a member. I can't even count the number of other "retired" group type mail, inviting me to become a member. I even got an invatation to have my hearing checked for free... because I guess I am going deaf. I don't understand. I guess when I do retire some day like 50 years from now, I will be very ready.