Tuesday, January 6, 2009


In my effort to spend my money purposefully this year, I went to an adult consignment shop. I don't usually like going to those because they are can be pretty skanky, but I thought it would be good to know where one is and if it is worth going to. It totally was.
Yesterday my mom and I went down to Des Moines to run some errands, she needed to buy text books and go to the Des Moines Sams Club, and I needed to go to the uniform shop to get some more scrubs. I decided when you work full time, it is really needed to more than one pair of pants that are for work. I was doing laundry WAY too much.
We also went to Half Price books which was right next door to the uniform shop.
The consignment shop was called ReStyle, and it was in a cute business park that has some sort of castle reference in the name. If you look on google maps is is 1.8 miles from Merle Hay Mall to give you a reference point.
Everything there was clean, well organised and very neat. I used to work at Duckworth Wearing on mainstreet here in Ames, so I am pretty particular about neatness and the like.
I bought a cute sweatshirt from Gap, an undershirt that was C9 from target, but they are not cheap there, and a green leather purse. All together I spent $11!! I was super excited about my new find!
My friend Lisa had gone there the other day and told me she liked it, and she wasn't wrong.
They don't have a website but HERE is the like for the address and phone number.
Another good consignment shop is Plato's Closet by Jordan Creek.
Happy bargain hunting!

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