Friday, January 16, 2009


I NEVER say that. In fact, I abhor that "phrase."
This deserves it.
I ran into Target this morning after work to pick up a baby gift. I noticed that all of the clearance racks had something white on their signs. When I read it it said that there was an extra 30% off the already clearanced price. Seriously. Most everything was already 50-75% off, so I spent $32.29 on the following:
Black pajama pants- My favorite fabric, and its usually pretty expensive.
Fleece pajama pants- Superman print-- just for fun
Grey dress shirt- for just that-- dressing up
Grey short robe- I have been looking for a hooded robe, and I found one for less than $7
4 pairs of socks.
And the baby gift. I was/am so excited!
But no more target for me... I have blown my target budget.
Totally worth it.

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LisaGrace said...

that is WAY impressive! you're totally tempting me to go to target, but i can't either!