Saturday, January 17, 2009

16 Random things about me

1.I love the dentist. Seriously.
2.I can't get dressed unless my bed is made. I don't want to throw my clean clothing that I am going to wear for the day on the unmade bed.
3.I have watched every episode of Friends ever made.
4.I can read really fast.
5.I love my down comforter- it makes a crinkly sound when I am sleeping under it.
6.I love city noises- trains, sirens, that sort of thing.
7.One time I had $5 that I lost and I think my brothers gerbil ate it.
8.I read People magazine every week.
9.I have been to Mexico without a passport.
10.I once killed a chipmunk with my bike.
11.I love scrabble. A lot.
12.I still play with my dollhouse.
13.I have cousins that are two months older than me but I graduated a year ahead of them.
14.There is a tattoo that I want on my back but I am afraid of needles.
15.I have at least ten purses.
16.I love the cold weather and snow and everything.

I tag LisaGrace, Mandy... you have to say 16 random things about yourselves.