Monday, January 5, 2009


I may be the only person that thinks this, but I love going to the dentist. I am a teeth person so it makes me happy to go and they super clean your teeth, and tell you that you are brushing well. I was told that have to floss for about the thousandth time at my last checkup, and in the month since then I have flossed about three times. But I am trying.


I had to go back today to have a cavity fixed. I don't care... because it is sitting in a chair for a while and they are making your smile that much better.

They prepped my mouth with some cherry tasting stuff and I thought, great, start the drilling! The my dentist said; "ok, I want you to wiggle your toes and breath through your nose." I thought thats weird, and then she put a HUGE needle into my mouth and gave me a bunch of shots. I didn't even care. Progress on the needle front.

That was the coolest feeling having almost exactly half of your face numbed.

Thats really all I wanted to say, and I really like my dentist.

Have a nice day!


LisaGrace said...

i love the dentist too, but what does "being a teeth person" mean? : )

CarrieAmelia said...

It's the first thing I usually notice about someone.