Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone! I rang in the new year at work, and even that I almost forgot to note when the years changed over. Excitingly enough, we had to log out at 12:00am and log back in a minute later to get a higher shift differential. That is what second and third shift as an incentive I guess for working those. Its an extra three dollars an hour so I don't complain. I did also get time and a half too because it was a holiday.
Did anyone have a resolution this year?
I did actually. I usually don't, simply because I don't care that much. This year though my friend called me and said that she didn't want to buy anything new this year. She was going to do the whole consignment thing, and eBay and garage sales. I was super excited for her, and then thought, well, why don't I do that too? So she and I are going to be spending purposefully this year. We will do our best to buy second hand because that is always at least half the price. If we have to buy something new it will be something that we REALLY need, and not just a want.
I am super excited to get started! We both went shopping the other day and kind of got splurge shopping out of our system.
I know I am behind on posting pictures, but I will get to those tomorrow!

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