Friday, December 25, 2009


So I have become a Doctor Who fanatic.  Seriously... that show is on the top 5 of my favorite shows.  I watch them over and over and over again. 
I have been awake on and off all morning, partially because I am super excited about Christmas and partially because I am sleeping on a couch. 
I was browsing the Doctor Who website, and this came up.  LOVE IT.  That song is on the top ten of my favorite songs I beleive.
If you don't know what Doctor Who is, then you are lacking... but I will explain.  Doctor Who is an alien called a Time Lord that can travel through time and space with his TARDIS. That is Time And Relative Dimension In Space.  He basically travels the universe saving time and people.  ITS AMAZING.

I will quit my geekyness now, lest I scare everyone to death, but I will leave you with a picture.
Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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