Monday, September 14, 2009

2 for 1

I have another momism that I was thinking about today.
When I was in high school I went to my aunt and uncles for a summer to work at a camp. While I was away my mom started ending every conversation with me by saying "Be a blessing not a burden." In the next couple of years it evolved to "Be a blessing not a burden, be kind and compassionate." In the last year her phrase has taken on a whole new twist. Whenever I end a phone convo with her or I leave their house or what have you, she says "Be a blessing not a burden, be kind and compassionate, wipe from the front to the back." Yes, you read that right. It is seriously one of her favorite things to say. I think she is a total nutjob... but you have to admit that it is pretty funny. Considering how she will say it no matter who is around, on the phone, in person, my siblings friends... It doesn't really embarrass me, but my teenage siblings have been known to blush and groan "mooommmmm." She also ends letter to my army brother like that, so I think if his army buddies ever got a hold of those he would never live it down.
My other thing also relates to my mom. Her birthday is this Sunday and I was just going to make her cheesecake because she has celiacs and can't have cake. I was wandering down the aisle at Fareway (the BEST grocery store ever!!) and I saw a display for Betty Crocker gluten free mixes. I thought "YES" this will be WAY easier than making a cheesecake. The stand didn't have a price on it but I thought "eh, who cares... it is my mom after all... I can afford it." I got to the check-out and girl called for a price check. She finished all my items, and yelled down the aisle to see if they got it. They hadn't, so she waited a couple more minutes, then keyed it in for $1.00!!! I was pretty excited because they are not cheap, it takes more to process the mix to make it gluten free.
When I called my mom to tell her about the deal, she seemed rather indifferent. I inherited my "deal gene" from her! When I told my roommate this evening she was much more excited for me.
Have a nice day!

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