Monday, September 28, 2009


In reply to your comment Kaci- I am watching the original series of Battlestar Gallactica.

Anyway. I'm sorry I didn't take the time to link Kaci's name to her blog, but it is on the main page of my blog.

So Saturday night there was a football game that I could not pass up. It was Iowa State vs. Army. As you know my brother is in the army so it was super fun to go and cheer on West Point. A friend and I went to a special tailgate for the army fans... it was really an outdoor picnic catered by ISU Dining. I'm not gonna lie- I was a little bummed that we didn't have hot dogs and hamburgers.
The people we ended up sitting with were retired col. in the army. One guy was a graduate of West Point of '58 and he was also the Director of Admissions there for a number of years. Like I said, he is retired now.
They had a ceremony that I didn't pay that much attention to... But my ticket stub was drawn in a raffle and I won a army football sweatshirt.
Anita and I left the tailgate shortly before the game started and hiked over to Jack Trice. The tickets we had were farther away than I have ever sat in my entire life at a football game. They had a small group of tickets that you had to pay a ton for right up close, but we weren't willing to pay that much so we got the cheap tickets... Literally three rows from the back. Lovely. At first I wasn't all that excited about sitting that far away, but I could see way more.
We (army) did lose, but it was fun anyway.
I think that this was the most disjointed post ever. My thoughts are kinda all over the place.
I have blisters on the back of both of my heals from having to walk so far and hike all the way up to the top of the stadium.
Speaking of blisters...
My brother is still in basic training... he called my mom the other day and was telling her all about it. He said that they were on a 8 mile hike with their rucksacks and full gear and he had been getting blisters, and they got so bad on that hike that his feet were bleeding through his leather boots. wow. I don't really have any room to complain. He was lagging towards the end of the line and his CO told him that if he didn't get his a** to the front of the line he won't get is 36 hour pass for next weekend. So despite his blisters he ran to the front of the line.
He has a 36 hour leave next weekend like I said, and my dad is flying down to see him for the weekend. I am super bummed out because I can't take any time up to go and see him... but I will get to call him.
That is really all that is going on for me. I have about an hour to go, and I can go home and go to sleep.
Oh, last night I did fix something that has been driving me nuts for ages.
At work we have this board that has all the patient rooms and such on the unit outlined on it. Then in every room we write the patient name by the corresponding bed. At the top we write the patient name if they have to have their blood sugar checked, also called accucheck, any vital signs that are special ordered. So anyway, it is just a dry erase board and it get super messy because all the VS and accucheck were just written with marker on the top and it just looked bad. So last night I took everything off the board and washed it, then found these special stickers and put that on it so it was much cleaner and nice looking.
I know that it doesn't make much sense, but I feel SO much better.
Well... I better go.
Have a great day!!!

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