Friday, March 6, 2009

Other cars

I always watch the people in the cars around me. So it would make sense if the people around me were watching as well. And then there are the people that seem to be rather oblivious to the world around them. I was sitting at a stop light today and looked in my rear veiw mirror. The guy (middle age) looked like he was scratching his ear. The longer I watched him, I realized that he was scratching his ear with a pen of some sort. He then pulled it out and inspected what he had scraped out. Gross. He then put is hands on the steering wheel and prepared to go. (It was a long red light.) I would not want to shake his hand. I understand the discreet scratching of the ear in the car, or booger pick... but there had better not be; 1-no cars around me or 2-darkness, with no cars directly beside me.
I am not going to put a show for the people around me... But I am going to continue to watch. : )

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