Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My new favorite store!

I used to work at Duckworth Wearing on mainstreet here in the greatest town on earth. Recently (yesterday) they opened a new branch of it called The Loft. It is a fun little consignment shop for teenagers and young adults. I bought a couple of shirts and am looking forward to consigning some of my stuff there in the future. That would be way easier than garage sales or eBay. I was just super excited.
After that I went to my friends house and practially forced her to go out without her kids. Mostly I just wanted to play with Luke and Gabe and hold Ike, but I also wanted her to get out without them. Then I found out when she got home that her birthday is on Wednesday, so it all worked out perfectly!
I went home after that to take a nap before I had to work at 11... I set my alarm clock for 7 so I could watch House, but I turned it off because I decided that I wanted to sleep more. Then at 11:43 I sat straight up and started running around because I was LATE for work. Thats the 2nd time I have done that- but this time my alarm just didn't go off.
Anyway, I think that the reason also for sleeping was I have a coldl that I am trying fight off.
I think I am done ranting for now.

Someone has some good news!

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