Friday, February 20, 2009

A week like no other

Life is crazy. That is all I have to say really, but I will elaborate and tell all about my week.
It kinda started Sunday when I was at Stephens auditorium for a dance competition. I got a call from work asking me if I would be on standby that afternoon, even though they knew that I was working that night. I got the message from them and my thoughts started racing. I thought that I wasn't supposed to work until Monday night. So I called around and tried to figure out what was going on. It turned out that I was supposed to work, so that meant that I wasn't going to get a bunch of things done that I had planned for Monday.
Monday night I fell asleep after I watched House, and turned my alarm clock off in my sleep and sat up at 10:56pm. That was a bummer, I was twenty minutes late to work.
The next morning I went to my moms house to tell her something and she said something about my sister was home sick, she wasn't feeling all that well. Back up to Saturday, she had been having some stomach pain, but my mom told her she needed to wait it out. So Tuesday morning she was home sick from school, and I said, oh I can take her to the doctor for you because she had classes all day in Boone. I got her into the doctor at 11:30. I slept from about 9-11:15. The doctor wasn't sure what it was and ordered a blood and urine sample. Both of those were inconclusive. So he ordered a ct scan. That wasn't until 2pm. I wasn't able to sleep while we were waiting to go to radiology. Then after the scan we were told to go home, it would be about an hour or so. Two hours later the doctor called and said that they were 90% sure that it was appendicitis. He told us to go over to the hospital and get checked into pediatrics and the surgeon will meet us there and get her prepped for surgery. We got to the hospital at about 4:30 and she didn't go down to surgery until about 7:30. The waiting is really a killer. Keep in mind that I didn't haven't been able to sleep since about 11:15. It wasn't for a lack of trying... I was just to worried about my sister to sleep. I also didn't want to leave my mom alone at the hospital to deal with everything on her own. I am sure that she could have, but I didn't feel right. Esther finally got out of surgery about 30 minutes later and we went up to her room to wait for her. An hour and a half later she finally came up out of recovery. That was 9:45 and I had to work at 11. I ran home and showered and then went back to the hospital for my shift. By 7:30 wednesday morning I had had two hours of sleep in the last two days. I went down to peds and checked on my mom and sister and both were doing well. I went home and fell asleep VERY quickly and got up at 10pm that night. And went to work. It is starting to feel like all I do is sleep and and then live at the hospital. When I got to work that night I wasn't sure if Esther was still there so I ran down to peds and asked. The nurses gave me a weird look and said she left at 7 that night. On thursday I went to my moms house to sleep because she was going to be at school and then her clinicals all day and Esther needed someone with her. I didn't get much sleep there because people are always coming and going and making too much noise. I did manage to get groceries that afternoon after my brother came home from school, and did three loads of laundry. I went to a book party that evening and then got ready for work. That was last night.
This morning when I got home I passed out. It was wonderful. I got up at four and went to see Bolt with my friend and her kids. That is a REALLY good kid movie.
Anyway. Now I am laying bed watching No Reservations with my roommates. I almost feel human again!
I am going to curl up now and watch the rest of the movie and then sleep some more! Ah bliss.
I have pics from the hospital that I will post later.

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