Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Books

Here is a list of the books I read in 2009... I will rate them all with stars* one being not good and five being unbelievably amazing.  I will put # if I have read it more than once.

Something Blue- Emily Giffen ****  #
Confessions of a Shopaholic- Sophie Kinsella **** #
Son of a witch- Gregory Maguire ***
Shopaholic Abroad- Sophie Kinsella **** #
A mile in my flip flops- Melody Carlson ****
Ransom my heart- Meg Cabot ****
Thats (not exactly) Amore- Tracey Batemen***
Man of my Dreams- Curtis Sittenfield ***
Elvis takes the back seat- Leanna Ellis **
Time of my life- Allison Winn Scotch ****
Thread of Deceit- Catherine Palmer ****
American Wife- Curtis Sittenfield ****
Bundle of Joy- Robin Lee Hatcher *
The department of lost and found- Allison Winn Scotch ****
Smitten- Janet Evonovich **
Forever Princess- Meg Cabot ****
Can you keep a secret- Sophie Kinsella **** #
The Duggars: 20 and counting- Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar ***
The Host- Stephanie Meyer ****
Shopaholic Ties the Knot- Sophie Kinsella **** #
The Longest Trip Home- John Grogan ****
Multiple Blessings- Jon and Kate Gosselin ***
Belly Laughs- Jenny McCarthy ****
Baby Laughs- Jenny McCarthy****
Wishful Drinking- Carrie Fisher ***
Shopaholic and Sister- Sophie Kinsella **** #
Life Laughs- Jenny McCarthy****
Twilight- Stephanie Meyer **** #
New Moon- Stephanie Meyer **** #
Eclipse- Stephanie Meyer ****#
Shopaholic and Baby- Sophie Kinsella **** #
The Agency- Ally OBrian ***
Breaking Dawn- Stephanie Meyer **** #
Louder than words- Jenny McCarthy ***
Avalon High- Meg Cabot **** #
Bitter is the new black- Jen Lancaster ****
The undomestic goddess- Sophie Kinsella ****#
Lock and Key- Sarah Dessen ****
I hope they serve beer in hell- Tucker Max ***
Spring Broke- Melody Carlson ***
My horizontal life- Chelsea Handler ****
Last Mango in Texas- Ray Blackston ****
Turning the Paige- Laura Jensen Walker ****
Miss match- Sara Mills ***
Maggody and the Moonbeams- Joan Hess **
The Sleeping Beauty Proposal- Sarah Strohmeyer ***
Double Minds- Terri Blackstock ****
The Cinderella Pact- Sarah Strohmeyer ****
Sweet Love- Sarah Strohmeyer ***
Hothouse flowers and the nine plants of desire- Margot Berwin **
The wedding girl- Madeline Wickham ***
Bubbles unbound- Sarah Strohmeyer ****
Bubbles ablaze -Sarah Stohmeyer ****
Shutter Island- Dennis Lahane ****
Bubbles A Broad- Sarah Strohmeyer ****
Bubbles Betrothed- Sarah Strohmeyer ****
Bubbles in trouble- Sarah Strohmeyer ****
Bubbles all the way- Sarah Strohmeyer ****
The Mother-daughter book club- Heather Vogel Fredrick ***
Jinx- Meg Cabot ****#
Plain Truth- Jodi Picoult **
Bright lights, Big Ass- Jen Lancaster ****
Such a pretty fat- Jen Lancaster *****
Twenties Girl- Sophie Kinsella ****
Best Friends Forever- Jennifer Weiner ****
I love you Beth Cooper- Larry Doyle *
Are you there Vodka, its me Chelsea- Chelsea Handler ***
Shadows of Lancaster County- Mindy Starns Clark ****
Julie and Julia- Julie Powel ***
White Chocolate Moments- Lori Wick ****#
Pretty in Plaid- Jen Lancaster ****
Three Weddings and a Bar Mitzvah- Melody Carlson ***
The Penny Pinchers Club- Sarah Strohmeyer ****
Cake Wrecks- Jen Yates ****
The Last Song- Nicholas Sparks ****
Being Nikki- Meg Cabot ****
A Bride in the Bargain- Deanne Gist ****
White Picket Fences- Susan Meissner ***
One of the Money- Janet Evonovich *
Wifey- Judy Blume *
Never the Bride- Rene Gutteridge ****
Love finds you in Sisters, Oregon- Melody Carlson ***
where the wild rose blooms- Lori Wick ****#
Evil Genius- Catherine Jinks ****
Head Game- Tim Downs ***

I realized that I didn't give any books five stars... I guess I didn't like any of then enough.

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