Saturday, November 19, 2011

You don't appreciate your knees until your without one

So yesterday I was walking to human resources at work to interview for another position. As I was walking I tripped on a rock and fell on another rock on my knee. I honestly didn't think much of my knee and wad more worried that my pants were dirty and I scuffed my favorite shoes. When I got there I went to the bathroom and checked my knee out... It was a little bloody, but I wasn't that worried.
I went into HR and asked for some tape... And told the girl why... And she wanted me to see the nurse quick. So I was just like ok no big deal. The nurse came in a looked at my knee and said"oh you need to have that checked out.". I still didn't think it was that big of a deal... And I didn't want to go to the ER and have to pay a huge deductible so I tried to get into my doctors office which was just a block away. Turned out they were all still at lunch... So I had to go to the ER anyway.
I got checked in any everything no problem... The nurse comes in to clean it and it HURT. Like I thought I was just a scrape up until that point, but when she put water on it I wanted to cry. She was just like we can wait till the doctor gets here and numbs it up and then clean it.

So I started writing this almost a week ago... I would have finished it but it is harder than I thought to type on my phone and try to finish a post.

Long story short I have been in a leg immobilizer for the last week. It is super annoying to have that thing in my leg and not be able to walk prppey. It takes me forever to get anywhere, an I have to put the seat almost flat in my car to get in and out.

Did I mention that there are only three stitches? Yeah.
All that for three stitches.
Anyway... I glad to have this posted finally... I don't know why it has been weighing on me so much, but it has.
On the craptastic upside, I haven't worked all week because of the potential to get hurt at work... So now I won't get to go on a ten day vacation in January like I thought, if at all.
Hopefully I will be able to pictures in... And if not... Too bad!

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