Monday, January 7, 2013


I have had an ideal of what my bedding would look like forever.  I know.  It's weird.  When I think of my grown up bed, I have always had a distinct idea of what I wanted.

Like this bed in Sound of Music.  Iron style bed frame, lots of pillows and fluffy blankets.
 This one in You've Got Mail.  Big pillows, fluffy duvet, writing on a laptop whilst in bed, lovely.
 This is what I have ended up with.  Fluffy blankets at the foot of the bed... fluffy pillows.  Iron style bed frame.  That tray is for my laptop.  I think I've finally done it!  I guess that means I'm a grown up now though.  Dang it.

The bed frame is from Ikea, as are both of the down comforters, and the two giant pillows at the back.  The pink blanket is from Target, as is the tray.  The toille is from tjmaxx via my friend that decided she didn't want it any more and the grey sheets are from Kohls.

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