Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's been a while.

I don't post a whole lot.
But when I do, it's something that I feel cannot be kept in.
I attended one of the most devastating funerals I have ever been to today. (Or, seeing as it is after midnight, yesterday)
My friends brother killed himself last weekend.  
He was the same age as my brother, having had a similar profession.
My mind immediately went to how I would have felt, were it my own brother.
I was devastated.
I cannot even begin to fathom how my friend is feeling.
At the funeral today the family was being presented with the flag (he was a former marine)...  
The sanctuary was silent, except for the wracking sobs of his mother.
I was hearing her heartache.
I sobbed for her loss.
For the families loss.
For my friend losing her brother.  
For the parents loosing their only son.
For the sisters that will forever be missing their brother.

Our country lost a hero last week.

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