Sunday, October 12, 2008

Power plant open house day

We went to the power plant open house yesterday. It is always a bunch of fun because you can see the stuff that lights your house, and we all drive past it and wonder, what is going on in that big building.

Esther and Philip were both able to light up all the lightbulbs. I didn't try, mostly because otherwise, who was going to take the pictures?

This is looking down nine stories. Kinda crazy, because all the floors are grates.

Esther and I went up in the bucket thing that they use to fix power lines and the like.

Esther and Philip 50 feet in the air.

Esther and Philip again.

Nine stories above Ames... Pretty cool.

Above the train tracks....

Still nine stories up...

This one is my favorite. Have a nice day!

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