Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's been a while.

So, since I last posted....
Here are a few things that I have done.
1. Got a new job! I know- super exciting.
That is pretty much all that I have done and since it is full time now, I have no time to do anything but work and sleep. Did I mention that it is at night? Yes, my job is the night shift at the hospital... but I really do like it because that means I don't have to get up in the morning... Which I hate beyond hate. So I sleep through the day, and wakeup around the time when my roommates get home and socialize with them for a bit then watch some tv, then go to work. Its great.
2. I also had to get a new car... my old one died and had to go to the car graveyard. I almost cried... it was a sad day.

These are some pictures of the past month or so.

Kaci's birthday dinner at Hickory Park.

This is what my closet looked like for a while because I didn't have time to do anything but sleep and work.

This was my way of getting rid of the mess... closing the curtain.

R.I.P. My dear sweet old car. This was the one that I got when I turned sixteen.

I ordinarily make my bed everyday... this was what it looked like for about a week.

Nick and I in the car on Thanksgiving.
Standing around waiting for people and food to get there for the Thanksgiving meal.

This was my contribution to the meal... Oreo Truffles. Quite a hit.
Emma eating one of the aformetioned truffles.
The place we go to on Thanksgiving is a park with a sort of lodge and it has a "ski" hill that we always walk down, and then up. This picture is looking up. The snow you see on the ground is the most that had ever been there in all the years that we had gone there. I was way behind Dad and Emma because my shoes didn't have backs on them and I kept stepping out of them.
I think that catches everything up!

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