Thursday, December 4, 2008

Movie Reviews

Carrie's Movie Reviews
I have decided that I need to pass on my movie knowledge to the rest of the world. I mean I watch and own enough that other people should benefit from my obsession.

This month is December... and it is the holiday season. I LOVE the holiday season. No joke. I will post pictures of my house later on... think winter wonderland.

I have a huge stack of movies that I watch at christmas... and a couple of them are ones that I watch year around.
Elf is one of the movies that I watch over and over again, year round. It is simply hilarious. I actually didn't watch this one in December... It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving... so anytime after Thanksgiving is okay.
I can quote this whole movie... and yet it all still makes me laugh.
This is a movie that you can watch with your kids and not have to cover their eyes.
5 stars
This isn't a Christmas movie... just general reviews.
Penelope was VERY cute. It was in theaters for maybe a month... I saw about two commercials for it, and then I forgot about it because of the lack of ads. Reese Witherspoon is in it, and has a very small role, but did produce it.
This is about a girl in a "blueblood" who is born under a curse with a pig nose... and legend goes that she can only get rid of it if she marries another "blueblood" man. The costuming and set are very whimsicle, and keep you wanting more. It is very clean, and fun for girls of all ages. My roommate and I watched it and I was hooked from the very beginning.
There aren't any cover your children's eyes parts, there is one part where an affair is suggested, but not confirmed, and it is easily missed.
5 stars

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