Thursday, April 15, 2010


I love spring.  Seriously.
I also love reading other peoples blogs, aka, being nosy. 
Google reader keeps up with all of the blogs I read, and lately they have all been saying "sorry I haven't posted" or something to that effect. 
It is because it is so amazing outside that no one wants to mess with the computer.  Just a theory, but I am pretty sure its true.
I have bee working in the backyard the last week or so making it look amazing.  I bought a fire pit and got rid of all the weeds and trimmed back a tree and it looks 10 times better.  I wish that I would  have taken pictures... but completely forgot. I will take some of the finished product though.  My dad built a new grill so I convinced him he needed to give me his old one.  I am pretty sure that all I am going to be using the grill all summer long.  And the fire pit.  And the outdoors.  We also cleaned out the 3 season porch, and I sprayed it down for spiders, so hopefully it will be more usable this year.
Last week my two Lisa friends and I all went to the zoo.  It was three adults and 7 kids.  We only lost the same kid twice. 
This was 5 of the 7 kids that were with us... I don't know who the lady in the back right corner is.

Argh... this has decided to align center and won't let me fix it.  So no more for you...
I did just get 202 at scrabble... or the facebook version of it, Lexilous...
So happy

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