Sunday, April 18, 2010

My house

I love decorating my house and making cool things.  I have been reading A LOT of blogs recently that are devoted to house projects and the like.
I can't wait to start sharing with you!
This past week I have been working on the back yard and making it look nice.  It has basically been taken over by weeds... more specifically creeping charlie.  There is also a pile of dirt that has been there for like two years.  We are working on moving it.
Also we have a 3 season porch that is really nice, but the spiders tend to take it over in the summer.  I have sprayed really good, and I am going to spray again after we pressure wash the entire thing.
I wish I would have remembered to take before pictures... but you can pretty much imagine a weed filled yard.
Today I got all the brush and leaves picked up and put it bags... and the lawn mowed. 
All we have left is to finish with the dirt pile and spray for weeds.
I can't wait. 
I was looking at the pottery barn outdoors catalog today and got tons of ideas for decorating the porch and lighting ideas for outside.
Also the lilac bushes are getting ready to bloom and I can't wait.  I LOVE lilac.
More pictures to come of the finished product:)

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