Thursday, July 7, 2011

Army Strong

I'm in an army strong family.  My brother is in the Army, and we couldn't be more proud.  

This past Independence Day I feel a particular burden for those serving our country.

I don't think people get what these men and women are giving up for what they believe in.  When they sign on the dotted line they are saying they will lay it all on the line.  They will fight for their country, and for those who live there.

Why don't more people appreciate their sacrifice?  

Its not just the soldiers that are affected, they have wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, children, siblings and so on.  They are protecting our freedoms.

Sure we complain about this or that because it inconveniences us, but don't you think that they are that much more inconvenienced?

I am so proud of my brother for choosing to serve in our countries armed forces.  

Sure he might be kind of a jackass sometimes... but I think I can excuse that.  Because he is protecting us.

Our soldiers are coming home scarred not only physically, but mentally as well.  They have seen things that we can never begin to understand.  

I can't stress how deeply I feel about our Heroes.  

Please show them the respect they deserve.

If you see a soldier out in the store, on the street, in an airport,
THANK them.

If you would like more ways to show your appreciation, please follow these links.

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