Saturday, February 25, 2012

I finally took the plunge and got another tattoo. I only had to think about this particular one for three+ years. Also, if you have read before, I am now even tattoo wise... One on my left foot and one on my right hand. (if I was super clever I would reference the previous post about having to have an even number of tattoos and piercings on each side of my body. But I'm not clever today). Also I had to take my nose piercing out... Turns out I was allergic to the metal that they used... So it never did really heal right, even when I thought it was healed, it wasn't. It finally got so it was hurting... Soni took it out to see if it needed cleaned, and it drained. Super gross. When I went to put a plastic one in... It wouldn't let me. Lame.
So anyway. I don't think I will be getting another piercing any time zoo... Because I don't know what I would get now. I have two tattoos in mind that I want to get... But the next one won't be for two years, and the other one will be in three-ish years.
Now you know.
I might add a little to this one... Time will tell.

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