Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have been ruminating lately about several blog posts. I want to be funny, and post cute pictures, but that doesn't seem quite right. I don't think I have any deep dark post either that are waiting to get out...
They are all just a mash of ideas that can't quite agree with each other, and therefore are not ready to surface.
It doesn't help that my life seems to be at a cross roads right now... One way is the life I am not sure I am satisfied with... And the other way is the life that I'm not sure I want.
Ok. Maybe I will be a *little* dark today.
I could be really funny right now and tell you where I am posting from, but you will just have to guess.

Mostly, what I have been feeling is I have a store that needs to be written. I am almost positive that it isn't about me... But you never know where these things lead.

You know that moment before you dive? Yeah. It's time to dive.

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