Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good News!

I got a new computer for my birthday! Its a long story as to why I got one... And I'm not going to bore you with the details.
But it means that I will (hopefully) be posting more.
Maybe I will get out my camera and actually take pictures now that I have a place to store them... and not just use my iphone.
My one big complaint is that the space bar sticks.
I know.
Does it bug anyone else that people use hashtags on facebook? I know most of them are moms that don't realize what they are doing, but still.  Its annoying.
Only because I am super controlling.
Letting it go.
I am going to bed now... You know I'm tired when things like hashtags drive me up the wall.

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Kaci Jo said...

I have been known to use hash tags on Facebook and I have no shame :). Though I very rarely update my status on Facebook. I like that I can add a couple of words next to a hash tag and it can add to what I was saying rather than writing an additional sentence :). Though when I update facebook I typically will do it through instagram or foursquare which I sometimes link to both Facebook and twitter. My random thoughts. You can still be totally annoyed :P.