Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So every morning on the Lifetime channel they have a old sitcom that plays for a couple hours every day.  All  summer was Will&Grace.  It was a nice wind down every morning to come home from work and watch my favorite gay/straight disfunctional couple.
I was sad when they played all the seasons, but it was okay.  They started playing Fraiser.  And you know how I love a delightfully pretentious show about a quasi psychiatrist.
All the episodes about the elite of Seattle made me start thinking about a bestselling book that was based in Seattle.
How would Fraiser Crane and Christian Grey get along?  My guess is they wouldn't.  I mean, Christian Grey would go to Fraiser Crane for therapy, and then Fraiser would fall in love with Ana, and then Christian would kill him.
Just a theory.
Why do I think about fictional characters fighting???
Oh, that's right, I'm crazy.  NDB.

Also, could anyone give me photoshop so I could make a kick-ass mash up of the two characters that I mentioned?  Thanks.

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