Monday, June 20, 2011


It's my last day of having wisdom teeth.  Weird.  At least I'm not having all my teeth pulled like my dad did a coupe months ago.
I keep joking with myself that I'm not going to have any more wisdom.
But that can't be true because wisdom is something that is learned more than inherited, or grown (like teeth).
God, in all his infinite wisdom, gave me this life.  I don't understand half the time why it is THIS life, or how I am HERE right now, but I know that it is the right place to be.
It's hard.  My younger brother is getting married.
I moved back in with my parents in January and still haven't found a place to live.
But God said to be here right now.
o I am.
Life sucks' you know?
Buy you're here for a reason.
So make the best of it.

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