Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bradley Cooper... I tell ya...

I went and saw this with my friend last night.  We also went to Panchero's beforehand for supper.  It was delish.  I haven't gone there in forever... simply because I had a bout of food poisoning from a mexican restaurant and a burrito place... two separate occasions.  Anywho.  Considering that Panchero's had both of those you can see how I was, ah, tenative, about going to such an eating establishment.
My worries were all for naught.  I had  a burrito bowl... It was super good.  It had all of my faves that are in a burrito, but it was like eating a salad.  Yummo.

Back to Limitless.  I. Loved. It.  Ok. I must admit I have had a not so secret crush on Bradley Cooper for a while.  But I was fully prepared to put that aside and focus on  the movie as a whole and ignore whatever preconceived notions I may have had... Like how much I loved him in every other movie I have seen him in... even  Wedding Crashers. 

I rate movies on whether or not I would be able to watch it again.. because if I feel as though I would watch it again, I usually buy it... does that make sense?  If it is good enough to watch again than it is worth my time. 

I should mention that I have been drinking some Chardonnay since about, oh, 7 pm tonight.  It is now 947.  My thoughts might not be fully making it out onto the computer. 

That being said I think I should finish up pretty quickly...

I loved limitless.  We also went to a bar on mainstreet that I think I will be visiting again sometime soon.

Until next time.


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