Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I should get paid for telling people about PART 1

I have a Kindle
I have had one for over a year now, and love love love love love love it.  Also, I love it.  I can have my pick of books any time I choose, all with the click of a button.  All I have to do is remember to charge it. 
Did I mention I love it?
I have something like 140 or so books on it... Mind you I haven't read them all... But I love knowing that I have those choices. 
I almost always have it with me... because it is super flat and has a spiffy pink leather case that keeps it pretty.  I also splurged and got a light thingy with it... which was totally worth it, btw.
I have had it numerous places and people are like "oh I have heard about those, what do you think of them?"  So I tell them that I do love having it.
They are always like "I would miss having a book in my hand."  I always agree with them because I am a die hard reader and love having a book.  But this makes having any book I want so conveinient that I don't even care.
Places for sure I have done my best to sell people on a Kindle:
-Work... when you work nights, you gotta have something to read.
-Work... this was a completely other type of work... just sitting outside a pt room that was sleeping, so visitors walked by me
-Planes... lots and lots of plane rides have I told people the wonders of the Kindle.
-My moms graduation from nursing school... I was super bored during the ceremony and my mom wasn't up there so I was reading... my grandma leaned over and wanted to know all about it.
-A winery... On sunday nights in the summer the local winery has music on the lawn and you go and take a picnic and buy wine and have a great time... On this occasion my same grandma asked the same questions and I told her the same answers, and how amazon has like every book, this lady came over and said she just got the Kobo from Borders and it had more books.  I just smiled at her and said that was good to know all the while thinking, "uh I think I know what I am talking about."
There have been other times... I just don't remember them right now. 
I have read many many reveiws about e-readers and Kindle is always in the top 3. 
I love my Kindle.

So that was the first time I have ever used the camera on my computer to take a picture for the 'ole blog... Kinda fun I have to say... and super conveinient.  Just like my Kindle!

I was not in any way endorsed for this post... but I really should be for all the promoting that I have done for amazon.  Did you hear that amazon?

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