Monday, April 25, 2011


I have to admit.
Of all the end of the world problems and monsters that are out there...
Zombies scare the pants off me.
I think its because, in my mind, there is the possibility that it could happen.
I am Legend.  Did you watch that?  It has a virus that turns people into a zombie/vampire thing.  Vampires don't scare me.  Its the zombie part that has no rational thought other than to eat your brain.
My brother and I went to see I am Legend late one night... I made him sleep over because I was freaked out about the creatures... I just wanted him to sleep on the couch... He ended up sleeping on the floor in my room... I think he was a bit freaked too.
Zombieland.  Hilarious movie... but still freaked me out.
Carriers.  Hard to watch...  A virus killing off everyone.  Granted I don't remember if the infected were killing people... but it had a zombie-esqe feel to it.
The Crazies.  Pretty good... Set in the "marshes" of Ogden, Iowa... If you've ever been to ogden you know there aren't any marshes... Other than that little tidbit there is a virus leaked (by the government)  into the water supply and it makes people kill each other. 
28 Days Later.  A research facility lets loose a virus.  Couldn't finish this movie... although I really want to, I will just have to watch it with someone who won't try to scare me halfway through.
There are also the fantasy/mythical creatures genre of books these days too.
Don't get me wrong... I love the books about vampires... I read super fast so you could say I "eat them up."
I like the kind of books that put a myth into real life and make it seem like it has been there all along.
Case in point: Amanda Hocking.  She wrote a fun trilogy about how trolls are actually real and and very magical and not creepy like the Billy Goats Gruff.  The species is called Trylle and are in every was superiour to humans. 
So I saw on Amazon that she had a new book out.  I downloaded it to my Kindle not really paying attention to what it was about. 
You guessed it.
I haven't gotten past the 2nd chapter because it was stressing me out.
Aliens don't pose a problem.  While some alien movies do freak me out, I'm not worried about them taking over the world. (Although now that I think about it they are more likely than zombies.)  But, I highlky doubt that aliens would want anything to do with me... Zombies want to eat my brain for goodness sake!
My whole point of this post was to post just one picture... but the more I thought about it the more I thought I should explain the reasoning behind my fear.
That being said... I want this house.
epic win photos - Zombie Fortress WIN

It will keep me safe from the zombie apocalypse that I am convinced is coming.  Plus it looks like it is pretty cute on the inside. 

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