Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 3

Hey all-
Today was my first day of actually working-ish.  As I am writing this I have to stay in the living room because Christy is still at work and you can't hear Oliver from my room.  I am watching Lost... and already have a million questions. 
Today during Olivers nap, Christy sent me go on an adventure, to get used to the neighborhood.  I walked to Broadway and went to a grocery store to get bananas.  Then I went to Park Street Deli to get sandwiches for lunch... BLT's... super good.  Then I walked all the way home... and I didn't get lost! 
I also had to move the car today... they clean one side of the street every other day, and the other side on the other days.  Does that make sense?  Anyway.  You have to double park and in about an hour or so move the car back to the other side.  All I did was move the car back to the other side of the street, but still, I DROVE in New York City!
On to why you REALLY check up on me... Oliver and I took a walk today, and I put him in the stroller so that I could take pictures as we walked.  This is the Hudson... I have no idea what bridge that one is called...  But the park is Inwood Park... their neighborhood is called Inwood.  Anyway.

Some of the "wildlife"

I was freaked out at first when I saw a black squirrel... but they are pretty cute.  There are greyer ones too but they are better hiders.

This is looking back towards the apartment...  I would so love to be here in the summer because the scenery is pretty in the winter, think of what its like other seasons!

And finally... Seriously... how cute!

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